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Vito Cianciulli - local agent:

Contactless Processing

Servicing Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, and all of  Southwest Florida

Contactless payment is a secure method for consumers to purchase products or services using a debit, credit, or smartcard—also known as a chip card—by using RFID technology or near-field communication (NFC).

To make a contactless payment, a consumer would simply tap their card near a point-of-sale terminal that is equipped with the contactless payment technology.

Contactless payment is also referred to as tap-and-go by some banks and retailers. Examples of non-credit or debit card contactless payments include transit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Wallet.

We can set your terminals up to accept these types of payments.

Since contactless payments do not require a signature or a personal identification number (PIN), transaction sizes on cards are limited. The allowable amount for a contactless transaction varies by country and by the bank.

Person tapping credit card on a contactless credit card machine.